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November 29th!

Okay, so it's really the 30th now but whatever.
Today was my Mom's birthday and we went out and had really good times. First I made the family go eat in Brentwood because I knew of a good restaurant and OMG the food we got was sooooooo gooooodddd. =P And the bill wasn't that bad either. So then I drove around Beverly Hills and up Hollywood so that I could catch the 101 freeway and head up to Universal City walk. First we bought some movie tickets and then walked around the stores for a while and then saw the movie. Once the movie was over there were a few cafes and spots playing music. I wanted to go dancing with my mom but because my dad had to go to work we left around 11. BOo! But we did have fun. I just really need to take my mom out with just me to a night club so we can dance.

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