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All my people on the floor...

Okay.... So I started to wear eye liner. Laugh, I don't care. I like what it does for my eyes. Of course I will only wear it when I go out at night to be ghey.
Last night I went to a party I didn't think would be that big but for some reason I had seen a lot of people that I actually know(n). First off... I know a boy named Tuan and I had gotten an invite from him. And he was holding the party with a friend name Kian. He comes here to UCLA. So it was pretty much a UCLA USC Gay boi party. Which was cool. I went with my friend Ramon and Giusseppe. Yeah... so there were a lot of guys I had known but I just didn't feel like socializing. So I just danced a little and drank a very little bit. So Ramon got drunk off his ass and started to kiss my face (cheek) and I had to stop him from doing anything else. Giusseppe doesn't drive so even though I had a little bit to drink I had to drive. I wasn't too sure about doing it but I am here. It's not like I had even gotten a Buzz so I guess I was good. If I had gotten pulled over I would have definately failed a breath-a-lizer. So while driving I was just listening to some music by myself because Ramon was in the passenger seat and Guisseppe fell asleep in the back. So it was quite boring. Considering the party was in East Pasadena area and I had to drive back to Westwood and Santa Monica. I had to drop Seppe off first and then Ramon back at his place that I had to find from remembering that night when I was drunk. I only made one wrong turn and I think I got there pretty well considering I had no help at all. Getting him into the house was funny because he's 22 and when I got him out of the car he was acting like an 8 year old. "I don't want to get out, I want to sleep, It's too cold, I don't want to get up, leave me alone" It was really funny. So I got him into his bed and then I took his car back to my dorm. As I'm walking up to the building I see all the lights flicker off. So the power went out and the Elevators weren't working and the doors to the stair wells need to be swiped open. HELLO? the power is off so I'm stuck. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could start my journey up to the 7th floor. When I get up to the floor I go straight to the bathroom and like every weekend the bathroom is thick with hot shower air. And a smell of vomit. God it was disgusting. Go UCLA! I finally got to bed at 5 and at 9 Ramon calls me to get his car back to him. Grrr.... I took it and fell asleep again at 11. Fun night. I just wish I had a boyfriend. It was really depressing to see people coupling up at that party. :'(
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