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I feel like Steve Martin's son!!!


This morning my family went out to eat breakfast with Maribel's family and do you know what I do???? I wrap my retainers in a napkin, I forget to get the napkin when I leave so when I get home I realize that I had left them there and we had to go back to get them. So, it was either pay $400 for a whole new set, or dig through the trash out in the back. Yes, my mom and I had do dig through the trash. She dripped some egg yolks down my hair. It was sooo disgusting. Ugh... but we did find them. They were at the bottom of some gooey stinky wet trash bin. >.< Good times!

So then I also bought the Rock Steady DVD. It's MEH. The concert kept giving me a headache and the camera shots just irritated me. But it's all good. I think my No Doubt love is growing again. I really hope I can get to see them in less than a week!
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