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So I am home and did the Thanksgiving at my Uncle Edwards' house with his new wife. I'm sorry, but are you allowed to hate an uncle and his new wife? Meh, well I do. That Ed is just really rude to all of his family and he grabbed me by the arm really tight to tell me how inappropriate it was that I laughed when He was being rude to his mother. Well fuck you. Oh well.

I went to Tigerheat on Thursday for No Doubt's release party. Meh. There was a really small crowd considering the night before was Madonna's night and it being Thanksgiving. Oh well. The people who were there were a better crowd, kind of. I saw Sean again and also a few other people from the No Doubt forum. I stole some posters from some guy too. So many fucking fans took them all down so early that I had to steal them from a guy who let his guard down for a minute. I really had to get a few of the promos. =P What really sucked was that they only played about 4 No Doubt songs. WTF? It's No Doubt night, fucking play all of their rocky, poppy, bang my head kind of songs. Oh well.

Oh, but before I had gone to the club with Maribel, Kathy and Elaine, I was able to hang out this boy named Mike(y). Such a nice guy. His taste in music is meh, but it's all good. He's into those kind of bands that are always playing at places like The Glasshouse, The Roxy, The Viper room...whatever. We're going to go see Rilo Kiley together in January. For an example of what I mean, his SN has to do with the Ataris. So yeah, we met at a Starbucks in West Covina but it was closed, so then we decided to see a movie, but there was no convenient time for us to see one. So then I told him that I would drive him to a coffee shop I knew would be open. Then I thought I would take him to a little thing that only me and one of my best friends do, Go feed some horses. You might think that's lame, but fuck you. I think it's a really fun thing to do with a person you care for. And I think maybe this guy I just might evolve feelings for. But it was getting late already so we went back to where I had met him and we just chilled in his car for about an hour talking about school and playing some music guessing games. Poor boy, I'm never going to be able to go out with him on a regular date because he goes into work everyday at 4 am. I feel so bad for him.

So then tonight since everybody is home for Thanksgiving a lot of us got back together from High school and we all just had a night out. First we all met at Olive Garden and had a dinner. It was Maribel, Elaine, Carla, Nelson, Amber, Jason, Tim, Monique, Luis, Andrea, Michael, and me. Then all of us except Andrea and Michael went to the City of Industries drive in where we saw Timeline. Meh, the movie was boring IMO. So from there Jason, Amber, Monique and Luis go their own way. And because once the movie was over at 1 am and we all being still very hyper, I guess I decided I would take them to go feed horses. It was really fun and I got a picture with Maribel, Carla and I with a really pretty horse. So then we drive some more! I drove to Glendora where we drove by the John Wayne's Mother's house (The Clown Child Murderer) 3 fucking times! Yeah, that place is fucking scary. So now I am here typing this entry. I'm sooo tired. Must slee. It's my Mom's birthday now. I love her.


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