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Mock Date!

My friend Brenda and I went on a fake date because neither of us can find a man. And she's still obessed over my older brother.

First I pick her up and we go to the theater clueless to what we want to see. So we buy tickets for that Russell Crowe movie. I can't remember the name, Master and Commander something something... Eh, whatever. We go to the cafe and act fat. We buy 2 coffees a Cookie and crisiount*. Then we go into the theater and buy a popcorn and sode. We were prending we were fat. Well she was anyways. I live the part. We're talking through the whole movie because...well we just didn't follow it that well. By the end of it neither one of us could answer why they were out in the ocean to begin with. We didn't catch the doctor's name but we figured it was Darwin. And we both shamefully admitted that he was the cute one through out the whole movie. So we leave the theater and we went to stalk some guy at a bowling alley but as soon as we got there he left. So then we decided to play one game. God, I don't care what people say, bowling shoes are the shit. Next time I'm just going to give them a really old shoe of mine and keep the ones I get. But of course I must dissinfect and sterilize the shoes first before I wear them out in public. So then we go home. End of the date.


Now if only I can really find a male date.

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