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It's a one man Mann!

So 75% of the GHS students who come to UCLA had a little night out together. It was so fun. Me, Carla, Monique and Luis went out to dinner and then to a movie. There was like only 5 other people in the theater and I swear there was only one man running the entire complex. So we saw Mystic River. It was such a good movie. It runs on just a little but I think the ending was really good. A bit sad, but it didn't give the typical hollywood ending. Sean Penn* is such a great actor. Kevin Bacon too. That Bacon boy does a lot of good movies that never get as much recognition as some people do who really don't deserve get. Blah. I suggest you go see it if you feel like spending $7.Or download it, whatever. Thief.

School still sucks.

I heart rice.
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