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This is cool   
04:54pm 18/09/2006
  <lj-cut>Oh my god!

So ... one of my sister's friends from High school is a model... and i just fucking learn that she moved to NY and she is modeling for Gwen!

I am so happy for her!

She's the one in white and she's still only 17! </lj-cut>

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10:35am 24/06/2004
  Everybody, I lost my Cell Phone.


So email me your # at danrojas@ucla.edu

Thanks all.

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06:07pm 08/12/2003
  Friends Only

As of now I'm friends only. Talk to me on AIM if you want me to add you to my Friend's list. Or comment in a previous entry. Whatever.
10:47pm 03/12/2003
mood: confused
You're "Hyperballad". Even though you
may seem calm and logical, you have an
unsatiable urge to be destructive sometimes.
Mature and serious, you are a good friend -
just make sure to hide your other self when
it's best!

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Why is it that I call everyday when I dont even have any minutes to use? It's because I care about a person and genuinely want that other person to know. Forget it. Serioiusly, this is like the 10th posts I've made about this kind of thing happening and I never learn.

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10:40pm 02/12/2003
  Well.... I did my classes today. Boo.
Then Carla and I headed down to Westwood to go shopping. I bought two beanies for 6 bucks each. Eh, I wasn't, however, able to find the one that I wanted. Then Carla bought some shoes and a sweater. We walked around and then I bought some really really really really really neat Door Way Beads. But my boring roommate hates them because he's a fag. Not really, but he doesn't like them at all. Then he told me that he made his sister take hers down, the ones that were in her room and not his. So I told him it's a good thing that he has no control over me. He was really rude about it. So that's why I put them up anyways. I like them.

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11:41pm 01/12/2003
mood: numb
I don't usually listen to her, but this song sums it up completely.

I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone tryin to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I... I'm with you
I'm with you

I'm looking for a place
Searching for a face
Is anybody here I know
'Cause nothing's going right
And everythigns a mess
And no one likes to be alone

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11:33pm 01/12/2003
mood: melancholy
In your house
I long to be
Room by room
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there

And on my death bed
I will pray
To the gods and the angels
Like a pagan
To anyone who will take me to heaven
To a place
I recall
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The ground was bled
And there you led me on

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I feel like Steve Martin's son!!!   
03:42pm 30/11/2003
mood: dirty

This morning my family went out to eat breakfast with Maribel's family and do you know what I do???? I wrap my retainers in a napkin, I forget to get the napkin when I leave so when I get home I realize that I had left them there and we had to go back to get them. So, it was either pay $400 for a whole new set, or dig through the trash out in the back. Yes, my mom and I had do dig through the trash. She dripped some egg yolks down my hair. It was sooo disgusting. Ugh... but we did find them. They were at the bottom of some gooey stinky wet trash bin. >.< Good times!

So then I also bought the Rock Steady DVD. It's MEH. The concert kept giving me a headache and the camera shots just irritated me. But it's all good. I think my No Doubt love is growing again. I really hope I can get to see them in less than a week!

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November 29th!   
12:54am 30/11/2003
mood: relaxed
Okay, so it's really the 30th now but whatever.
Today was my Mom's birthday and we went out and had really good times. First I made the family go eat in Brentwood because I knew of a good restaurant and OMG the food we got was sooooooo gooooodddd. =P And the bill wasn't that bad either. So then I drove around Beverly Hills and up Hollywood so that I could catch the 101 freeway and head up to Universal City walk. First we bought some movie tickets and then walked around the stores for a while and then saw the movie. Once the movie was over there were a few cafes and spots playing music. I wanted to go dancing with my mom but because my dad had to go to work we left around 11. BOo! But we did have fun. I just really need to take my mom out with just me to a night club so we can dance.

40-50% Horny
If It Comes, Your So happy, its such a privelge to
make love to someone you Love, Your Horny only
because you need to feel that emotion called
Love. Your 40-50% Horny

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02:54am 29/11/2003
mood: satisfied
So I am home and did the Thanksgiving at my Uncle Edwards' house with his new wife. I'm sorry, but are you allowed to hate an uncle and his new wife? Meh, well I do. That Ed is just really rude to all of his family and he grabbed me by the arm really tight to tell me how inappropriate it was that I laughed when He was being rude to his mother. Well fuck you. Oh well.

I went to Tigerheat on Thursday for No Doubt's release party. Meh. There was a really small crowd considering the night before was Madonna's night and it being Thanksgiving. Oh well. The people who were there were a better crowd, kind of. I saw Sean again and also a few other people from the No Doubt forum. I stole some posters from some guy too. So many fucking fans took them all down so early that I had to steal them from a guy who let his guard down for a minute. I really had to get a few of the promos. =P What really sucked was that they only played about 4 No Doubt songs. WTF? It's No Doubt night, fucking play all of their rocky, poppy, bang my head kind of songs. Oh well.

Oh, but before I had gone to the club with Maribel, Kathy and Elaine, I was able to hang out this boy named Mike(y). Such a nice guy. His taste in music is meh, but it's all good. He's into those kind of bands that are always playing at places like The Glasshouse, The Roxy, The Viper room...whatever. We're going to go see Rilo Kiley together in January. For an example of what I mean, his SN has to do with the Ataris. So yeah, we met at a Starbucks in West Covina but it was closed, so then we decided to see a movie, but there was no convenient time for us to see one. So then I told him that I would drive him to a coffee shop I knew would be open. Then I thought I would take him to a little thing that only me and one of my best friends do, Go feed some horses. You might think that's lame, but fuck you. I think it's a really fun thing to do with a person you care for. And I think maybe this guy I just might evolve feelings for. But it was getting late already so we went back to where I had met him and we just chilled in his car for about an hour talking about school and playing some music guessing games. Poor boy, I'm never going to be able to go out with him on a regular date because he goes into work everyday at 4 am. I feel so bad for him.

So then tonight since everybody is home for Thanksgiving a lot of us got back together from High school and we all just had a night out. First we all met at Olive Garden and had a dinner. It was Maribel, Elaine, Carla, Nelson, Amber, Jason, Tim, Monique, Luis, Andrea, Michael, and me. Then all of us except Andrea and Michael went to the City of Industries drive in where we saw Timeline. Meh, the movie was boring IMO. So from there Jason, Amber, Monique and Luis go their own way. And because once the movie was over at 1 am and we all being still very hyper, I guess I decided I would take them to go feed horses. It was really fun and I got a picture with Maribel, Carla and I with a really pretty horse. So then we drive some more! I drove to Glendora where we drove by the John Wayne's Mother's house (The Clown Child Murderer) 3 fucking times! Yeah, that place is fucking scary. So now I am here typing this entry. I'm sooo tired. Must slee. It's my Mom's birthday now. I love her.


Modern Technology
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sheek just comes natural to you. You know
what's happening in Japan bring a professional
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Talking smooth to play by the rules....   
11:56pm 26/11/2003

I signed up for tickets.
I am sooooo fucking excited!!!!!!!
If I like you ask me!

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All my people on the floor...   
03:11pm 23/11/2003
mood: sad
Okay.... So I started to wear eye liner. Laugh, I don't care. I like what it does for my eyes. Of course I will only wear it when I go out at night to be ghey.
Last night I went to a party I didn't think would be that big but for some reason I had seen a lot of people that I actually know(n). First off... I know a boy named Tuan and I had gotten an invite from him. And he was holding the party with a friend name Kian. He comes here to UCLA. So it was pretty much a UCLA USC Gay boi party. Which was cool. I went with my friend Ramon and Giusseppe. Yeah... so there were a lot of guys I had known but I just didn't feel like socializing. So I just danced a little and drank a very little bit. So Ramon got drunk off his ass and started to kiss my face (cheek) and I had to stop him from doing anything else. Giusseppe doesn't drive so even though I had a little bit to drink I had to drive. I wasn't too sure about doing it but I am here. It's not like I had even gotten a Buzz so I guess I was good. If I had gotten pulled over I would have definately failed a breath-a-lizer. So while driving I was just listening to some music by myself because Ramon was in the passenger seat and Guisseppe fell asleep in the back. So it was quite boring. Considering the party was in East Pasadena area and I had to drive back to Westwood and Santa Monica. I had to drop Seppe off first and then Ramon back at his place that I had to find from remembering that night when I was drunk. I only made one wrong turn and I think I got there pretty well considering I had no help at all. Getting him into the house was funny because he's 22 and when I got him out of the car he was acting like an 8 year old. "I don't want to get out, I want to sleep, It's too cold, I don't want to get up, leave me alone" It was really funny. So I got him into his bed and then I took his car back to my dorm. As I'm walking up to the building I see all the lights flicker off. So the power went out and the Elevators weren't working and the doors to the stair wells need to be swiped open. HELLO? the power is off so I'm stuck. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could start my journey up to the 7th floor. When I get up to the floor I go straight to the bathroom and like every weekend the bathroom is thick with hot shower air. And a smell of vomit. God it was disgusting. Go UCLA! I finally got to bed at 5 and at 9 Ramon calls me to get his car back to him. Grrr.... I took it and fell asleep again at 11. Fun night. I just wish I had a boyfriend. It was really depressing to see people coupling up at that party. :'(

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03:25pm 22/11/2003
  OMG Daniel work on your essay!!  

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03:47am 21/11/2003
mood: tired
Went home on Wed.
I will be having my Wisdom Teeth pulled out very soon.
Came back and did bad on my Calculus Midterm.
Forgot about everything and went to Tigerheat with Darina and some of her friends from high school. Then after we went to Ihop where we saw Paris Hilton and Yvonka* Trump just chillin'.

Yeah, she's not that pretty in real life. Or maybe it was just a really good night. Meh.

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05:29pm 18/11/2003

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08:50pm 17/11/2003
mood: tired
Classes are going just fine I guess.

I still hate my Environmental Class.

I just enrolled in my classes for next Quarter.
I'm taking
English 3
Women's Studies 10
Physcological Science: Diet & Exercize
And some Peer Counseling Student Life Class.

17 units. w00t.

And the Job Hunt begins.

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Mock Date!   
01:21am 16/11/2003
mood: content
My friend Brenda and I went on a fake date because neither of us can find a man. And she's still obessed over my older brother.

First I pick her up and we go to the theater clueless to what we want to see. So we buy tickets for that Russell Crowe movie. I can't remember the name, Master and Commander something something... Eh, whatever. We go to the cafe and act fat. We buy 2 coffees a Cookie and crisiount*. Then we go into the theater and buy a popcorn and sode. We were prending we were fat. Well she was anyways. I live the part. We're talking through the whole movie because...well we just didn't follow it that well. By the end of it neither one of us could answer why they were out in the ocean to begin with. We didn't catch the doctor's name but we figured it was Darwin. And we both shamefully admitted that he was the cute one through out the whole movie. So we leave the theater and we went to stalk some guy at a bowling alley but as soon as we got there he left. So then we decided to play one game. God, I don't care what people say, bowling shoes are the shit. Next time I'm just going to give them a really old shoe of mine and keep the ones I get. But of course I must dissinfect and sterilize the shoes first before I wear them out in public. So then we go home. End of the date.


Now if only I can really find a male date.

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It's a one man Mann!   
02:21am 11/11/2003
mood: happy
So 75% of the GHS students who come to UCLA had a little night out together. It was so fun. Me, Carla, Monique and Luis went out to dinner and then to a movie. There was like only 5 other people in the theater and I swear there was only one man running the entire complex. So we saw Mystic River. It was such a good movie. It runs on just a little but I think the ending was really good. A bit sad, but it didn't give the typical hollywood ending. Sean Penn* is such a great actor. Kevin Bacon too. That Bacon boy does a lot of good movies that never get as much recognition as some people do who really don't deserve get. Blah. I suggest you go see it if you feel like spending $7.Or download it, whatever. Thief.

School still sucks.

I heart rice.

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12:11am 10/11/2003
mood: stressed

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

Well after last night I'd say I concur!

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Existance is Purpose.   
06:50pm 07/11/2003
mood: indifferent
So, friendships that go one way are not worth it. I'm tired of being the one people go to for their problems but then the subject of my life never comes up. I mean, from reading this journal you may come think that I complain a lot. I do, but only on here. I don't talk to anyone about anything because no one cares. So if they're not going to care, then I'm just not going to put up with them any more. I know you don't read this,______, but I just want to let it be known I'm not going to try with you anymore.

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